A set of principles that I have decided to collect here, if only to remind myself that they are relevant time after time again.

Test before you claim it’s ready
As with any craft, the practitioners of software development, want to be good, and they want to be fast. A very bad measure of speed is who is the first developer to say that they are ‘done’. It makes us feel great to cross off another item on the check list, but thinking that being done coding is the equivalent of being ‘done’ is a rookie mistake. Bugs will happen, they will be found, and you won’t be as ‘done’ as you think you are. Be proactive and test your code thoroughly. It’s the sign of a professional developer.

It’s more difficult than you think it is
Isn’t it always? Keep this in mind when estimating the time and effort that will be required for completing projects. Requirements will change, bugs will be discovered and impediments will rear their ugly heads every step of the way. It is always more difficult than you think it is.

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